Samorn, 24, at his rented room on the outskirts of Phnom Penh which he shares with four others who also work at the nearby clothing factories.

A garment worker for four years, Samorn has dreams of becoming a tailor and owning his own business.


Channa & Tek


Channa & Tek

Married couple Channa and Tek share a happy moment before going off to work.

They rent a small room on the outskirts of Phnom Penh where Channa works at one of the many garment factories that produce clothing for high profile brands such as Nike, H&M, Primark and Walmart. Tek works as a TukTuk driver in the centre of town. Together they have a two year old son. Despite working long hours, they describe struggling to make ends meet.

Vorn Viva


Vorn Viva

Vorn Viva, Khmer boxer and former world title holder, at the Olympic Arena, Phnom Penh in 2008.

Pradal Serey translates as free fighting and is a hugely popular sport in Cambodia. Also known as Kun Khmer, Cambodian kickboxing is an ancient martial art and thought to have existed as early as the 9th century. Top fighters such as Viva gain superstar status within Cambodia.

Brak Sophanna


Brak Sophanna

25 year old Brak Sophanna at the Treak Community Centre in Siem Reap, where he spends his weekends teaching guitar to local children. Sophanna writes and performs his own Khmer songs on subjects close to his heart such as Khmer culture, hardship and love.

His musical idols are Preap Sovath and Sin Sisamuth, two of Cambodia’s most famous signers. Already having performed at concerts in Siem Reap, Sophanna hopes to play to even larger audiences in the future and through music, help young people stay on the right path.

Check out Sophanna’s Facebook page , and listen to his songs.

Cham Boy

Muslim Cham Boy

A Muslim Cham boy, Koh Kong Province.

Muslim Cham boy, Koh Kong Province.

Muslim Cham are a minority group living mainly along the coastal areas of Cambodia earning a living from fishing.

This is one of the first portraits I made in Cambodia almost a decade ago. I recall renting a fixer and motorbike and heading to remote fishing villages along the Koh Kong coast, completely untouched by modernity and where the sight of a foreigner unheard of. Exploring the area, I stumbled across a mosque, with the enchanting sounds of the prayer call echoing across the surrounding villages. As I was photographing the mosque, this young boy appeared in front of my lens, gazing with bewilderment at the tall white person in front of him.